I got Tumblr

I eventually got myself a Tumblr.  If you can follow me there too that'd be great!  I'd really appreciate it.  <:  Ahh this song..  I love it.  <3
So this week has been mildly eventful, I had a couple more prelims which I'm pretty sure have not gone well for me.  ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚ 
I also made a new character design this week.  (*´▽`*)You can find it here.

Hmm..  I also watched Reservoir Dogs again last night, still an amazing film.  

New flipnote! :D

The first flipnote since Ocotber last year..  .____.;;  Oops. Just incase anyone is wondering I am currently taking a break from Hatena.  I don't know how long this will be as I am trying my art elsewhere and depending on how well my drawings are received, I may not return to Hatena.  :<  This also means the requests are on hiatus for the time being.  Of course on the off chance some users want me to return, well, I won't say no.  XD  However if you would like to continue seeing my artwork then please visit my DeviantART here: 


Aya Drevis

As you can see the girl in the flipnote is Aya Drevis, the main character who you play as in the game Mad Father.  Ahh I love that game so much.  Have any of you guys played it?  If not please give it a go!  >  v  <  It is a "horror" game, but it really isn't scary, just fun!  ^o^  Also have any of you heard of the Youtaite JubyPhonicP?  She's very recent and only has 5,000 subscribers!  However she is very talented and has many English covers of the Kagerou Project and you should totes check her out!  :D  Not only is she very talented at singing, but also a great artist too!  I will provide one of her vocaloid song covers and her DeviantART here:


Your welcome in advance!  :D  Let me know what you think of her, okay?  >  v  <  Hmmm.. what else..  Well I have prelims/exams right now and I'm pretty stressed to say the least..  XD  Have any of you been watching season five of Hetalia: The Beautiful World?  It's great isn't?  I adore the new animation so much, like you don't even know.  

;  v  ;

Anywho, thank you for visiting my Blog!  <: